Sunday, July 1, 2012


Dualism is defined as 'the division of something conceptually into two opposed or contrasted aspects, such as good and evil or mind and matter'.

After the Alien heads that I already showed here we had to do ourselves in a realistic style.

The 3D model of my face is made of 7 objects (Eyes - 1 object, Glass frame, Glasses - 1 object, Head, Shirt and upper and lower teeth) and 2,812 triangles. I didn't model the hair or the goatee since it is short enough to be simulated by texture (especially in videogames).

This was a couple months ago, on the meantime I learned texturing, and while working as Demo Artist for Bloompix Studios at GameLab (June 2012), I decided to do something else with my face.

I also was kind of angry, that anger that comes to you when you're exhausted and you just want to blow it all away... so I decided to channel it in a healthier manner.

I invite you to have a look at it and judge for yourself if you can feel the anger...

I used my own face as a base model to illustrate the classical dichotomy between good and evil decisions the player is forced to make in videogames. Although those decisions are simple most of the times, either pure evil or extreme dumb goodness - and as a grown up I'd like to see something more complex in future videogames - I have to admit that visually (specially the evil part) is stunning.

In the next post (Back to the Future) I'll show my progress during the weeks leading up to GameLab 2012.

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