Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to the Future

Previously on Hangman's Hill...
In my last post (Dualism) I showed an exercise that we had to do some time ago (and the personal touch I gave it while working as a Demo Artist during GameLab 2012).

This post is a brief catch up of some work that I consider important enough to be shown but that I just had no time to post when I created it.


This was the same Feisar shown here (made during the first week of the course), but with textures. It is my first project ever using textures and even though I'm not happy with it and I see a lot of mistakes now, I'm very proud of what I was able to accomplish back then.

I originally painted it with solid, clear colors, but it didn't convince me too much, it was too perfect... too... clean for a cruise that takes part in deadly races like the ones in WipeOut, so I decided to add some scratches in key areas like parts normally exposed to friction and impacts of projectiles. You can also see some rust and oil stains around the rear engine and the turbines.


'Son, before the war I would have bought you a little dog for your birthday, today, dogs eat human beings'

This is the text of the teaser that we made to announce our next project, a playable environment. We had 15 days. We were given the chance to do something small and easy like our classroom, but instead we decided to go for an impossible project...

For those who live in Barcelona (or those who visited it recently) this area might ring a bell...

Even uncompleted, it is a very nice scenario... personally... I'm just missing the Human Element... :-)

I specially enjoyed being responsible for the game and level design for the project (Layout, Grey Box, corrections of proportions and style, etc.).

I also modeled the Sagrada Familia (20,500+ triangles), 2 cars, a bus, an Anti-Air Defense, a tire, a natural barricade (mud avalanche), the main street, and I had to take care of the two subway entrances that a classmate left uncompleted because he had to start texturizing the buildings.

If we had had more time, we would have done the UVs and texturized the props, but the main objective of this exercise was to work as a team (something that I personally think we accomplished).

In the next post (Fallin' Skies) I will show the first video game I made.

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