Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Night of the Aliens (Organics I)

Sorry, it’s been a while since I last posted, but that’s because something incredible happened to me: 

I was… (dramatic pause) ABDUCTED! …(chan chan chaaaaaaan).

You might think that I’ve gone crazy but I can assure you that I’m not… before I never believed in such things, but then it happened to me the other night.

Actually I have some proofs that I will show you right away…


I made a 3D model of the Aliens based on this concept made by Jordi Rubinat (yes ladies, he’s still available, but sure not for long…) from BloomPix Studios.

It is made of 2 objects (Eyes and Face) plus a model I used to export the Alien to another scene. It’s made of 1,666 triangles.

It has the three major loops (eyes, mouth and what should be the ears) plus an extra one for the antennas in the front. I was too stressed out to worry while I was in their spaceship, but now, thinking about it, it looks like that those antennas are their noses…

As you can see for the protuberance on the side of the head, it looks like they have some kind of bone structure; but again, I couldn’t check it out.


I also made an interpretation of the same design later on.

This one is made of 2 objects (eyes and mouth) and it has 1,692 triangles.

The basics are always the same: loop for the eyes and mouth, loop for the ears (if it has any – in my case it was the bone protuberance) and again, in this case, loops for the side antennas that act as nose or sensorial appendix of some kind.

It has bigger eyes, a slightly bigger mouth and even though it keeps the same bone structure, I decided to give him (yes, it’s a boy) a slightly… softer feeling, even from the modeling. The skull is a little smaller and the neck a little bigger which allows them to live in an environment with a higher gravity than the first version of the Alien.

Note: At this stage we were still focusing only on modeling, I will put some color to my models (textures) in the following posts...

In the next post (“I was not Alone”) I will show you the partner that helped me escape from the spaceship.

Correction: The next post is Gentlemen, start your engines

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