Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chasing Cars (II) - Chasing Trucks

Who didn’t think of being a firefighter once? I don’t know the reason, but when we are kids it is one of the professions we all want to “do when we are old”. When we grow up, very few have the guts to be firefighters… it is a very hard job and you risk your life quite often to help the others. (As an American would say) this is my small tribute to all firefighters in the world...


At first I didn’t like the project that was assigned to me since there were a lot of other things to do, like a weapon or a tank and we just made a car, but you cannot always choose, right? So I began working on it and soon realized that it was more interesting than it seemed at the beginning.

It is made of 25 objects (3 Chassis, 16 Complements and 6 Wheels) and 3,892 triangles. As it happened with the Camaro it is very difficult to find proper references about fire trucks since all of them are quite unique. Finally I used this one.

I decided that I will use textures in all windows this time (haven’t got to that point yet) since a car might be designed for a more close up look, but generally a fire truck in a videogame is seen in a more general shot.

One peculiarity of this one is that it is not symmetric. The main difference is that the rear-right side is lower than the left side to leave some room for the stairs. The placement of the “trunk separators” is also not symmetric.

Another thing you may have noticed is that I have strange cubes lying here and there in different parts of the truck, those are individual objects snapped to the main body and represent different hoses that will also be shown with a texture.

This fire truck is designed to put out fires in residential houses or small buildings more than rescue as you can see for the fixed hosed mouth that distributes the water on top of the truck.

The lower part, if ever shown, will also simulate the lower parts of the truck with a texture. I’ve set a separation between the wheels to avoid seeing the wheel on the other side when turning if we ever get to that camera angle.

Stay tunned for the next post (The Night of the Aliens) since we will start with organic modeling…

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