Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A litle bit of Bio...

I’m 32 and about to be a father (when I write these lines). I’ve got a technical background (Computer Science) but also an artistical background (Graphic Design) and experience as Systems Technician, System Administrator and Regional Technology Manager where I got experience in Projects (as Project Manager) and in Sales (as Sales Support – technical at first and full support after a while – for the General Manager).

I always liked videogames, I think I’ve touched every single piece of Hardware that has been in the market (at least in Spain) from the Atari 2600 (thanks to my father) to the last generation of consoles (Xbox360 and Playstation3 with Kinect and Move) with some priceless jewels like the MSX2 or the first Famicom… and a lot of games... godd*mit I even have an original Metal Gear

Looking back I can see the young me looking into this direction, knowing where to go, but I also can see that the trees didn’t allow him (me) to see the forest…

I play a lot, and I like it. I play to enjoy, but I also analyze the game in depth and try to look for ways to improve the flaws… I got so far that I’m designing a new core system for videogames, that according to some might become a full videogame design… we’ll let time decide…

Following this course of action, and after looking into different schools in my area, I signed up for a 3 weeks Mudbox course at Bloompix Studios, and these are some of the works I made:


This is the first of the projects that we had to deliver (and my very first experience in the world of the 3D). It’s a 1-piece skull gotten from the base sphere of Mudbox, nothing more than pure modeling here… aaaaaand maybe a bit of lighting – but everything in Mudbox. I wanted to make it look old, kind of pirate style, so I tried to destroy the teeth as much as I could, that (and to give it a bit of color) is the reason why I painted one tooth in gold.
I especially like the eye and nose socket, the skull texture and the junctions between the skull bones.


That was the last project we had to do; it is made of 5 different objects (eyes, tongue, gums, teeth and body) and it is based on this design by Alvin.
Since it was a free interpretation, and seeing the guy a bit skinny I decided to do…

...his father...

It’s awesome, it’s huge and it’s genuinely… from Hell. It’s based on the reference above, of course, but also on Bronx (The Gargoyle dog of the animated series “Gargoyles”). That’s where I got the idea of the “cartoonish” smooth style that is mainly its skin, without forgetting to keep a bit of the family’s DNA that “his son” gave me as a reference (dark skin, shiny lava-like inner-skin, etc.).

Now, I’m participating in a course of “Production of 3D Videogames” also at BloomPix Studios. In the following posts you’ll be able to see what I’ve been doing so far.

Thanks for not falling sleep until…. The End.

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